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If you use a company like, one of their state of the art recruitment process outsourcing tools is called TalentStream. The way it works is simple. You'll specify some key words that apply to the job you have available. They will then find resumes that are posted that match those skills and e-mail them to you. The resumes come right in the body of the e-mail, so you won't have to download resume after resume.

You're also able to use this recruiting process outsourcing tool on a daily basis. Every day you'll get updated resumes, until the time that you find the right candidate. You can also narrow down the results you get by things like zip code or city. They even offer a guarantee that you won't get duplicates, so that you're not sifting through a pile of resumes, only to find that half of them are ones you received the day before.

Posting your job on job boards is often a part of your recruiting process. However, it can get costly. Consider using recruitment process outsourcing to help you lower the costs of postings. They work with job posting boards on a regular basis and are often able to get those fees lowered. Too often a company ends up pulling their job posting before they've found the right candidate, only because they simply couldn't afford to keep running it. Avoid this situation by hiring the right outsourcing company.

Of course no recruitment process outsourcing package would be complete without assistance in writing and posting jobs. One of the problems that companies often have in finding the best talent for their companies is that they don't make their job postings specific enough. The result is that the people who'd be perfect for the job simply read the ad and move on. Hiring a company who specializes in creating these postings can help to ensure that they're catching the eye of those you want to read your ad.

Finally, consider how recruitment process outsourcing can help you with job fairs and college recruitment. One of the problems with going to job fairs is that there can be tons in one area. You might have trouble finding the best ones that apply to the skill set you're looking for. If you choose a company to monitor the job fairs in your area, they'll let you know when one's coming up that would be perfect for your company, and you can be sure that you have a representative there.


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