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Reduce costs, increase results. That is the simple, yet incredible true slogan of Webworks Alliance, an outsource recruitment agency that guarantees to save countless amounts of time, which in turn will make your business more productive. We understand that it is often difficult to find the perfect support staff amongst all your other responsibilities. Part of what makes it so difficult is that due to the job market's current state, one opening could yield thousands of applicants. Many of them may be seriously under qualified for the position, but without our help you we be stuck sorting through their applications anyways. Our goal is to eliminate the time you would normally spend sifting through useless resumes, so you can move on to things that will help your business run smoothly, and in the long run save you money.

Outsource recruitment is an industry that is only going to continue to grow with time. With the emergence of the internet as a dominating factor in the job market, it is imperative that your business has a grip on how to handle online job applications. Many online recruiting companies may think they can offer the best marketing tools to you, however the reality is that they are still stuck in the 20th century. Your business needs innovation, and we are proud to stick to our forward thinking philosophy. We know that if your business is going to keep up in a competitive marketplace, your contractors need to stay on the cutting edge of technology, just like you. At Webworks Alliance, that is exactly what we promise to do, and our results are simply impossible to argue with. One of the ways that we stand out from the crowd of mediocre outsource recruitment agencies is by creating our own marketing resources to help your business, rather than relying of pre-existing ones.

One of the resources that we have created is called Career Page Direct. CPD is a highly discerning electronic marketing tool that will match your job position with résumés and applications located in the résumé databases of major job boards. This amazing resource will then e-mail your company's corporate home page or career page to the job candidates whose résumés match your requirements. Once they arrive at your website, candidates who qualify can then browse you company's profile, learn more about what you are looking for, and even apply for the position online. This ensures that only serious applicant even have the opportunity to apply, saving you a plethora of time. Career Page Direct is sent once a week for a month, and with each month you are guaranteed no duplicate resumes. In the business world, time is money, and money is what makes the world go around. Our philosophy is that by saving you as much time as we can through our brilliant outsource recruitment, we will in turn save you money as well. Now you can focus on the things that really make your business turn, and leave the painful job marketing process up to us at Webworks Alliance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Outsource Recruiting


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