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Online Recruiting

At Webworks Alliance, our primary goal is to reduce the cost of recruiting, and to provide quality service and products that increase your staffing efficiency. In short our slogan simply reads, "Reduce costs, increase results". Online recruiting is the way of the future, but since the internet is such a big place, it is often hard to narrow down your search in order to find just what you are looking for. This is where Webworks Alliance comes in. We are aware that searching and searching to no avail for the perfect candidate can be a massive waste of time and energy, and we are here to help. Our techniques will guarantee to save you time, and after all time is money, so you have so much to gain by doing business with us on your side.

If our words are not enough our website offers a plethora of customer testimonials. People just like you who have been satisfied with our online recruiting services have opened up to share their experiences, and their stories really hold true. Frank Mandicott of Talent acquisition had this to say: "I have worked with Webworks Alliance and its staff for several years and have been extremely pleased at their level of customer service and the high amount of savings as a result of their efforts. Their work is creative and includes strategic consulting as well as tactical/operational support in providing guidance to the recruiting programs I have managed. I highly recommend Webworks Alliance." Strong words coming from an individual who knows the talent acquisition very, very well. Why not allow yourself to enjoy the same amazing benefits? Other ad agencies are content with sticking to the traditional methods of online recruiting, however we are taking our strategies to the next level. Webworks Alliance actually creates the tools that enable our clients to achieve their staffing goals, and out experience and knowledge of web-based technology has generated products and services that continue to change the industry.

One of the resources that we use is called TalentStream. This amazing resource is a web robot that retrieves the résumés of job candidates who have posted their résumés on the major job boards. It offers an excellent alternative to both traditional print advertising and job board postings. The process is quick and effective, and you no longer have the need to proactively search through résumé databases. The search is based on the key words and phrases you wish to find in the résumés you seek, and the search parameters are further refined by geographic region such as state, zip code, or radius around a specific location. It truly does all the work for you. In the business world, time is money, and at Webworks Alliance, we are looking to save you as much of it as possible. By doing all the online recruiting work that could take you hours, days, weeks, or even months, we allow you to focus on more productive thins and leave the recruiting up to us. Our goal truly is to make your life easier, and our services will certainly help ease your stress and keep your wallet full.


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