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Its staff of senior-level personnel, coupled with in-depth research capabilities, enables Webworks Alliance to identify the most productive and cost-effective internet recruiting solutions. Webworks Alliance, is comprised of seasoned staffing consultants. These highly experienced recruiters utilize Web2.0 and .NET technologies to secure and to screen the most appropriate candidates for your needs. The process, which includes written assessments on all referred candidates, is fast and inexpensive. Unlike traditional ad agencies, Webworks Alliance creates the tools that enable their clients to achieve their staffing goals. Their internet recruiting expertise in web-based technology has generated products and services that continue to revolutionize recruiting.

TalentStream secures the résumés of pre-qualified job candidates who have posted their résumés on the major job boards. Career Page Direct is instantaneously present your company's corporate web site or career page to qualified job candidates. Sourced by state, city, zip code(s) or radius around a central location. The purpose of Applicant Match Direct is to notify job candidates using the internet recruiting, whose résumés match your requirements, of job openings as well as career fairs and other recruitment events. TalentStream is a Web robot. On a daily basis, this product retrieves the résumés of job candidates who have posted their résumés on the major job boards. It offers an excellent alternative to both traditional print advertising and job board postings. The process is quick and effective and maximized your internet recruiting. There is no further need to proactively search through résumé databases.

The search for the internet recruiting is based on the key words and phrases you wish to find in the résumés you seek. The service is 24/7 for thirty consecutive days. You can search parameters are further refined by geographic region such as state(s), zip code(s), or radius around a specific location. A flow of the most currently posted pre-qualified candidate résumés are sent directly to your e-mail address, or the address of a designated recruiter. Each résumé is in the body of the e-mail so there is no need to download information. There are no résumé database license fees or annual commitments required. Searches can be purchased month-to-month on an as needed basis. No duplication of résumés is guaranteed. Career Page Direct is a highly discerning electronic marketing tool. Considered an e-mail blast with pizzazz, it will match your job position from your internet recruiting with résumés located in the résumé databases of the major job boards. It then e-mails your company's corporate home page or career page to the job candidates whose résumés match your requirements.


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